An Historic Look at Divorce Rates in the United States

People love to refer to statistical trends in marriage and divorce rates in the United States, even when those rates are not based on actual surveys and data but merely rumors and unsubstantiated hearsay. We often hear that the divorce rate in the United States is 50 percent, and the marriage rate is going down with the current “hook up generation” being more concerned with causal dating then entering into committed relationships.

business-growth-3-1426748-mHowever, according to a recent news feature from the Washington Post, the marriage and divorce rates for the past 144 years may not look like what people expect them to look like. The reason for the 144 year period is because this when the Centers for Diseases Control (CDC) National Center for Health Statistics began collecting statistical records on marriage and divorce in the Untied States. However, while the agency maintained that information, it was not organized or recorded in a particular way, and researchers had to painstakingly work with the raw data to make graphical representations. Continue Reading

Talking to Children About Divorce

Many people know they are not happy in their marriage and want to get a divorce. However, they decided to stay together for the sake of the children. While this may seem like the only way to make the best of a bad situation, it might actually not be what is best for the children, especially when it is obvious that at least least one parent is miserable all the time.

It may actually be best to get a divorce, so the children can spend time with each parent with the parents being happy during that time. It other words, it could be better to spend time with two happy parents separately than having both parents living together but being unhappy all the time.

According to a recent news article for the Huffington Post, kids can do fine following a divorce, but there are certain steps newly divorced parents can take help make sure there are no unnecessary problems.   One of the most important things divorced parents can to do with respect to their children is to stand together as parents. Continue Reading

Arnold Schwarzenegger Discusses Divorce

Arnold Schwarzenegger has being going around the country and appearing on various media outlets to promote his latest movie, “Terminator Genisys.” While most of the interviews focused on the movie, his interview on the Howard Stern Show took on a more personal nature, according to a recent news feature from CNN.

tworings-300x225.jpgStern asked Schwarzenegger about his divorce from famous journalist Maria Shriver. Stern specifically asked if this was Schwarzenegger’s first real personal setback in his life. In response to this, Schwarzenegger said it was the “biggest setback” and the “biggest failure” of his life. He also said the breakup and subsequent divorce was entirely his fault. Continue Reading

Life After Divorce for Men

There is no question going through a divorce can be a very emotional process. While some divorce cases involve a great deal of arguing and litigation, even the most civil divorce proceedings can still result in emotional upheaval. However, once the divorce has been granted, many of people find themselves still trying to deal with the pain and get their lives back on track.

According to a recent news article from the Huffington Post, many men are often struggling to work things out in their lives following divorce. The author of this article looked at some of the steps men have successfully used to “bounce back” from their divorce.

If you have children, one of the most important things to remember is that you only divorced you spouse, and you still need to be a father. While many think the divorce will automatically harm their relationship with their children, this doesn’t have to be the case. Some experts believe the father is needed more than ever following a divorce, and he now has more freedom to parent in a manner he finds appropriate and doesn’t not have to constantly be checking with his former spouse on issues related to child care. Continue Reading

Yale-New Haven Hosp. v. Nicholls: Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs)

These days, we see many commercials on television and on the Internet for so-called legal “self-help” services. This is where you pay hundreds of dollars to an online company, and they help you prepare legal documents while telling you they are not performing a legal service and are not responsible for anything that happens.

While this was traditionally done with corporate formation documents and drafting of last wills and testaments, you can now go online and pay one of these companies to complete your divorce petition. Continue Reading

Gordon v. Gordon: Valuation of the Marital Estate

In Gordon v. Gordon, a case from the Supreme Court of Hawaii, husband and wife met in Las Vegas in the summer of 1992 and were married in Hawaii in 1997. When the couple was first dating, husband lived in Hawaii and was still legally married but separated from his first wife. He made trips to Las Vegas for work and spent time with his girlfriend during these business trips. She also made several trips to Hawaii to spend time with him.

calculatorDuring her visits to Hawaii, she would often stay with him at his personal residence. A year after they met, she moved to Hawaii to live with him at his residence. In 1995, she purchased her own residence, and both parties moved into it a few months after the closing. When husband’s divorce from his first wife was made final, he and his second wife, then girlfriend, had been living at her new residence for around a year. She was paying the monthly mortgage without any financial assistance from husband. As noted above, the couple legally married in December of 1997. Continue Reading

Wife Sues Husband over On-Air Divorce Bit – Gloria Allred Representing

According to a recent news article form WFTV, nationally known attorney Gloria Allred is representing the estranged wife of radio host Russ Rollins in a lawsuit against her husband.

microphone-1188223-mAllred has alleged Rollins, while in the middle of ongoing heated divorce proceedings with her client, orchestrated a radio comedy bit where he got served with actual divorce papers live on his show. Allred further alleges this on-air stunt induced her husband’s listeners to threaten her to the point where she was afraid to go out of her own home. Her complaint includes several tort claims, including defamation, related to the on-air statements. Plaintiff claims she was not only in fear for her own safety, but also for the safety of her children. Continue Reading

“Little People, Big World” Stars Seek Divorce after 27 Years of Marriage

According to a recent news report from US Weekly, Matt and Amy Roloff, the stars of TLC’s hit show, Little People, Big World, are seeking a divorce after a 27-year marriage. The couple has four children who were also featured on the reality show. They officially filed for divorce on June 5, 2015 and made a public announcement the same day.

tworingsIn a joint statement, the couple said they are proud of everything they have accomplished during their marriage, which includes raising their children and managing their successful business, which they say will continue. Their business involves running the family farm as well as other ventures related to their reality television show.

While the divorce announcement was only made public this week, many Hollywood reporters and fans of the show were well aware the couple was experiencing marital troubles.   They had reportedly been separated for months last year after they made a joint decision to live apart but still both take care of their children, as they had prior to the separation. The couple also each helped to manage the family farm, which is their main business and is featured on the reality show. Continue Reading

Tips for Ex-Spouses Attending Child’s Graduation after Divorce

If a separated couple has children and both parents want to play a role in child’s life, it is almost impossible for exes to totally avoid interaction.

graduation-cap-993663-mEssentially, the fact a couple has a child together means the parties will all have to figure out a way to get along, and, in many cases, the parties will have to attend various events together for many years to come. In other words, you will also need to stay connected with the other parent of your child, and it is better for your child and your own emotional well-being if you are not fighting with your now ex-spouse for the rest of the time until your child legally becomes an adult.

According to a recent news feature for the El Cerrito Patch, your child’s graduation is not the place to fight with your former spouse about problems during the marriage or problems you currently have with this person. The event is and should be about your child’s graduation. Continue Reading

Celebrity Chef Alton Brown Finalizes Divorce

Celebrity divorces make big news. While a normal couple’s decision to get a divorce might not be of much interest to anyone other than the couple themselves and friends and family of the couple, people love celebrity gossip.

tv-remote-1-1195235-mAccording to a recent news article from E Online, Food Network star and celebrity chef Alton Brown and his wife have just finalized their divorce. Brown is best known for his cooking instruction television shows, Good Eats and Cutthroat Kitchen, and his role as a judge on the Next Food Network Star and host of Iron Chef America.

There has been a lot of speculation on what led to Brown and his former spouse getting a divorce, as he has not made any statements to the media or discussed this issue on social media outlets. This is not surprising, since it is well known Brown prefers to remain a very private person when he is not on television and very rarely discusses his personal life. Continue Reading